Enhanced Outdoor Adventure Experiences for Kayitz 2019

The Camp Ramah Team  |   30 Apr 2019

Shalom Ramah Mishpachot (Families),

We are so excited to announce that this kayitz (summer) we will be partnering with 4Points Expeditions on our Tiyulim (Overnight) program. 4Points Expeditions is a Ventura County based outdoor adventure company experienced in working with educational institutions all over the world. Machaneh Ramah B’California is proud to make this investment in expanding our partnership with this external organization in order to elevate the level of safety, heighten our specialized programming and curriculum, and staff each of our overnights. This partnership will be complimented by Ramah tzevet members who will accompany each tiyul and bring the Ramah ruach (spirit) and oversight. Each of our edot (age-group) participates in a tiyul (overnight) each summer; these tiyulim range and build in duration, adventure activity, and skill-level throughout the years, creating an aspirational arc for our Outdoor Education program. We believe that our campers’ exposure to the outdoors provides them with an additional opportunity and an alternative way to interact with and connect to Judaism.

Our campers look forward to tiyulim each summer as a chance to step outside of their comfort zone and bond as an edah outside of camp. Camp Ramah has worked with 4Points for a number of years, and we are thrilled to take this next step in having them coordinate all outdoor adventure experiences for us this kayitz.

From Matt May – CEO, Director of Experiential Education & Lead Guide of 4Points:

Our interactions with Camp Ramah in California began about 7 years ago when we assisted in staffing a bike overnight trip. Since then it has been our incredible privilege and honor to continue working with Camp Ramah and its amazing staff on an ever-increasing basis. From the first summer working only a total of 6 days, we progressed in assisting camp with their Wilderness First Aid training; helping with the entire summer biking program; until today, where we will be starting what we anticipate to be a mutually beneficial long-term partnership. This summer we will cover all aspects of staff medical training (CPR and Wilderness First Aid), all tiyulim and outdoor programs including logistics and on the ground staffing, and supporting camp in their goals of providing the best, safest and most memorable summer experience for their campers.

With the help of 4Points Expeditions, our chanichim (campers) will be participating in the following activities:

  • Gesher Bet & Gimmel (rising 4th-5th) – Water Park Adventure
  • Nitzanim (rising 4th – 5th) – Snorkeling
  • Giborei Yisrael (rising 6th grade) – Surfing
  • Adat Shalom (rising 7th grade) – Outrigger Canoeing *new for this kayitz!!!
  • Sollelim (rising 8th grade) – Rock-climbing
  • Tzophim (rising 9th grade) – Channel Islands Kayaking
  • Kochavim (rising 10th grade) – Water Sports, Hiking, Backpacking or Biking
  • Machon (rising 11th grade) – Rock-Climbing, Mountain Biking and Kayaking

We are excited for the professionalism, skills, and experience that Matt and his team bring to Camp Ramah and we look forward to the adventures our campers will experience!

As always, for any further questions please contact your child’s yoetzet during the summer, and our office during the year.



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