Young Alumni Association Registration


We are pleased to offer Chevrei Ramah, Camp Ramah in California’s young alumni association. As its mission, Chevrei Ramah aims to give young alumni (post-college, ages 21 through 35) a vehicle for keeping informed of and involved with each other, our camp, and the Jewish context it provides.

Chevrei Ramah sponsors local events such as Shabbat dinners and an annual Chevrei Ramah Reunion, to be held this year on July 13. If you fit into the post-college, ages 21 through 35 young alumni category, we urge you to become a Chevrei Ramah member.

Signing up is easy. For just $36 (double chai), you can become a Chevrei Ramah member, entitling you to the alumni newsletter (electronic or hard-copy), reduced rates at Chevrei Ramah events, a special Ramah memento, and the knowledge that you are doing your part in helping camp accomplish its mission. We are also offering a special three-year membership for just $90. We welcome any additional donations to help support Chevrei Ramah.