Celebrate Inclusion at Ramah!

The voices of kids laughing as they run down the givah. The chatter with friends while playing basketball. The davening (praying) with kavanah (intention) each morning. The shira (singing) at the top of their lungs each day in the chadar ochel (dining hall). The challenges of diving off the diving board, or trying a new technique in the art room. The joy of independence and freedom.   Each of these moments is experienced by all of our campers at Ramah, regardless of ability. Ramah home is a home for all types of kids and young adults of all abilities.    

Our Tikvah program is a cornerstone of our community, which is richer for the diversity of its members.  

Our Amitzim edah (age group) for campers that have disabilities is our longest-running program. Amitzim offers individualized inclusive programming with peers while experiencing everything we love about camp: omanut, shira, rikkud (art, singing, dance), ropes course, and of course our pool!

Our Ezra vocational program for young adults with disabilities is a 4 or 8 week work-live program. Our Ezra staff work in different jobs around camp including the coffee cart, a cafe for staff members called Cafe Shivim, delivering the mail and snacks, and working in the gan and office. Our Ezra staff also take part in staff training, vocational skill building, and community building. Our Ezra staff members are an important part of our staff community. 

Camp Ohr Lanu, our family camp for families that have children with disabilities, is a Shabbaton program where families of all types get to experience the magic of camp with their whole family. We run three parallel tracks of programming, one for the parents, one for their kids with disabilities, and one for their siblings. This weekend offers respite for families in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment where all types of families are welcome. 

Our vision for inclusion is layered upon everything we do at camp. Click here to read more about it. Ramah in Ojai is truly a place for all.


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