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A kayitz (summer) at Camp Ramah is a summer filled with magical moments.

For some chanichim (campers) it’s reaching the top of the ropes course for the first time, jumping off the diving board at the breicha (pool), or sitting quietly with friends on the givah (hill) watching one of Ojai’s famous sunsets light up the evening sky. For others, it’s making a masterpiece come to life in omanut (arts and crafts), an exciting  round of frisbee golf on Shabbat afternoon, or seeing an entire Torah unrolled end to end for the first time.

We were so excited to welcome more than 1,000 chanichim to spend their summer with us in kayitz 2023 and look forward to 2024!


Gesher sessions are for rising 3rd-5th graders.
Sessions 1 and 2 are for rising 4th-11th graders.

Financial assistance is available, click here to learn more.

SessionDates2024 TuitionEarly Enrollment Discount
(apply before 2/15/2024)
Session 1 (Rising 4th-11th Grade)June 19 - July 15$6,140$100
Gesher Aleph (Rising 3rd/4th)June 19 - July 1$3,300$75
Gesher Bet (Rising 4rd/5th)July 3 - July 15$3,300$75
Session 2 (Rising 4th-11th Grade)July 18 - August 12$6,140$100
Gesher Gimel (Rising 3rd/4th)July 18 - July 29$3,300$75
Gesher Dalet (Rising 4th/5th)July 31 - August 12$3,300$75


The Tikvah program at Camp Ramah is designed for those with learning, emotional, and/or developmental disabilities. It is structured to enhance independent living and self-help skills. For more information, please click here.

Financial assistance is available, click here to learn more.

SessionDates2024 TuitionEarly Enrollment Discount
(apply before 2/15/2024)
Amitzim 1June 19 - July 15$7,050$100
Amitzim 2July 18 - August 12$7,050$100
Ezra 1June 19 - July 15$6,270$100
Ezra 2July 18 - August 12$6,270$100


All applications have a non-refundable application fee of $250, included in the initial deposit.
January 1, 2024 – April 1, 2024: $1,000 cancellation fee.
After April 1, 2024, we will not provide refunds.


$75 off for the second child in the same household, increasing by $25 for each additional child.


There is a one-time fee of $150 for payment with a credit card.
We encourage all families to pay by eCheck to avoid the extra charge.


We charge a medication fee to partially offset the costs of associated with packing, shipping, inspection and verification, storage, and distribution of all medications.
The cost is $50 for one or two medications and rises by $25 for each additional medication, with a maximum of $125.


We strongly recommend families purchase insurance in order to safeguard your investment in camp tuition. There are several options available for this service; please click here for more details. Camp Ramah provides this information as a courtesy only.


After April 15, 2024, there may be a $100 change fee unless the camper is switching from Gesher to a full 4-week session.

Carefully note the dates of the session you select to ensure your camper(s) will be able to attend camp for the full session. Campers can not come late or leave early for summer school, vacations, or other commitments.

We are aware that in some cases the end of the Spring semester or the start of the Fall semester conflict with the camp schedule by a couple of days. We can accommodate families with these conflicts by extending a short window of flexibility for late arrivals or early departures that still allows campers to be with us for all Shabbatot. If this applies to you, please be in touch immediately so that these special arrangements can be made.


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