New for 2019: Managing Heat at Camp

Rabbi Joe Menashe, Dr. Aviva Levine Jacobs, Yael Kornfeld  |   27 Feb 2019

Shalom Ramah Families,

A central tenet of summer camp has always been “fun in the sun”. There’s nothing that quite compares with the opportunity our chanichim and tzevet have to be out in nature for much of the day and evening during camp. It is a reality quite different from most of our day-to-day lives.

For years we have been diligent about hydration (installing new water bottle refill stations in key locations), shade (erecting shade sails in popular areas), and sunscreen (providing sunscreen in sunnier areas) knowing that together we can do a lot to promote sun safety. In kayitz 2018, we implemented some new protocols that went into effect during heat waves. This included an alternate schedule that limits time outdoors and supplements alternative activities as well as setting up additional hydration stations in multiple locations around camp. We experienced some good successes and we know there is more to do.

The reality of meeting the demands of warmer summer temperatures is a constantly evolving challenge in camping in California in the 21st century. Some of the changes we make will be immediate and others are changes that will take place gradually over time. For this kayitz, we will be experimenting with a few different options for cooling down our ohalim. We will evaluate together with our chanichim and tzevet what works best in our context so that we can explore how to scale the best option across our ohalim for future summers. We will be adding an industrial ice machine to the tzrif side of camp so that we can more easily deploy igloos with ice-water as needed. We will also be looking for additional locations for water-misters and large fans that can make an impact around camp.

As camp gets closer we will share some tips about sun safety for you to review with your chanichim in preparation for the summer.

We thank you for your partnership and input as we strive to promote the health, comfort, and well-being of our chanichim and tzevet rain or shine!

Rabbi Joe Menashe, Executive Director
Aviva Levine Jacobs, PsyD, Director of Camper Care
Yael Kornfeld, Program Coordinator


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