Camp Ramah Endowment Funds

The creation of an endowment with Camp Ramah is a gift that lasts forever and an opportunity to leave a permanent legacy.  With a gift of $100,000 or more, you can create a scholarship or program endowment with Ramah that can celebrate your family or memorialize a loved one.

To discuss how you can create a scholarship or program endowment with Ramah that can celebrate your family or memorialize a loved one, please contact John Magoulas ( or (818) 668-2929).


We are proud to recognize the many members of our Ramah family who have established endowments with Camp Ramah:


Anonymous Scholarship Endowment Fund

Appel Scholarship Endowment Fund

Sam & Rosalie Barnett Scholarship Fund

The Rhoda & Bob Barnhard, Betty & Sheldon Feinberg Endowment

in memory of Harry Barnhard

Becker Scholarship Endowment Fund

Robert M. Beren Scholarship Fund

Bockman Scholarship Endowment Fund

Deutsch Family Scholarship Endowment

Freda & William Fingerhut Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Abner & Roz Goldstine Scholarship Fund

Goodglick Family Scholarship Endowment Fund

Grandparents Four Scholarship Endowment Fund

Dr. Norman & Lela Jacoby Scholarship Endowment

Ralph & Taren Jacoby Metson, Joel & Susan Jacoby Stern, Jonathan & Judy Jacoby Chiel Scholarship Endowment Fund

in honor of our parents Dr. Norman & Lela Jacoby

Sybil & Mannon Kaplan Scholarship Fund

Debra & Robert Kasirer Scholarship Fund

Bessie Krevitz Scholarship Endowment Fund

Irene & Howard Levine Scholarship Fund

Philip M. & Beatrice Levine Scholarship Fund

Dr. David Leiber Scholarship Endowment Fund

Lowy Scholarship Endowment Fund

Petty & Bates Metson Scholarship Endowment Fund

Julie & Marc Platt, Ellen & Adam E. Beren,

Nancy T. Beren & Dr. Larry Jefferson, Amy & Robert Bressman Scholarship Endowment

The Schneider Family Scholarship Endowment

Lana Berke Silverman Tikvah Scholarship Fund

The Smotrich Family Scholarship Fund

Reuben Tucker Scholarship Endowment Fund

Shari & Michael Weiner Scholarship Endowment

Sidney & Marilyn Williams Scholarship Endowment Fund

Whizin Scholarship Fund

Ziegler Scholarship Endowment Fund

Zimmer Scholarship Fund



The Barnhard Mador Young Leadership Endowment

The Spitzer Family IKAR Endowment

The Spiwak Family Tikkun Olam Endowment

Tikvah Program Endowment

The Ziegler Tikvah Counselors Endowment



Nuritt & Elie Mechaly Facilities Beautification and Maintenance Endowment Fund

Art Williams Rosh Gesher Endowment

Hayom U’leTamid Endowment


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