Preparing for 2019: Safety and Security

Randy Michaels  |   6 Feb 2019

Shalom Ramah Families!

We want to first thank you. Thank you for entrusting us with your most prized possessions- your children.

At Ramah, safety and security is our top priority. We know that unless people feel safe and secure at camp, no learning, growth, or fun can take place. In light of all that has happened in our world, we know that safety and security is at the forefront of many minds. It’s certainly on ours. While this email is not a response to any specific events, we want you to be aware that ensuring safety/security is a part of our normal business practice.

While we are not able to share with you all the specifics that go into our safety and security protocols, we want to share with you some of our ongoing work towards creating a safe and secure camp:

  • Our Facilities Committee actively works in partnership with our operations team to ensure that our property continues to exceed all safety standards.
  • As an American Camp Association accredited camp and facility, we meet a nationwide and industry standard for safety in our programming, facilities and operations.
  • We work with an expert arborist and team to monitor and maintain the health of our vast amount of trees.
  • We partner with an outside security company to maintain 24/7 security.
  • We maintain strong relationships with Ojai Police, Fire departments, and other local agencies throughout the year.
  • The Camp Ramah site is covered by a camp-wide Public Address system that our key staff are trained to use as necessary to communicate in times of emergency.
  • Our Security Committee (comprised of lay leaders, industry professionals, and staff) meets regularly to review our systems, protocols, and best practices.
  • We maintain an Incident Command protocol and train our staff each season on implementation in the face of crises or emergency situations.

We thank all of our partner lay leaders, law enforcement and fire personnel, and businesses who help us ensure that Camp Ramah is a safe space for all who visit. In addition to the items above, we continue to be challenged by weather, more specifically heat, and that is one of the areas we will share more about in one of the coming pre-kayitz emails.  We continually focus on our stellar camp experience and looking after everyone at camp.

Randy Michaels, Chief Operating & Financial Officer
Rabbi Joe Menashe, Executive Director


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